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Nugget in a Biscuit Epicized


Nugget Whole Score

Nugget Violin 1

Nugget Violin 2

Nugget Violin 3

Nugget Violinish 4


I’m a Bird Violin Play-Along

This one has been getting some attention this week:

Toby Turner Theme on Violin

I met Toby a few years back at a shoot for a Panic at the Disco “Live” web performance. It was a weird project with big money behind it.

We were both lowly production assistants. Toby told me about his Youtube channel, which he had really started pushing, but I just kind of nodded and smiled (youtube…hahaha. Ohhhhh, kids these days).

Little did I realize how versatile Youtube really could be, and little did I know that Toby would go on to become one of the top Youtube partners.

I believe the term is: “eating crow.”

Well, here’s my cover of his now famous Subscribe song, which he graciously tweeted earlier today sending hordes of his fans to my Youtube page.

For those of you who have been asking for the sheet music here it is:

Toby Turner Theme

And if you’re interested in downloading the song from i-tunes, here ya’ go: http://bit.ly/eAKleN