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Found On Facebook Tentative Rules and Rhetorical FAQ’s

Found on Facebook is a weekly Youtube show in which I share my favorite links, statuses, pics, videos, etc. posted on Facebook during the preceding week.

If you’re my Facebook friend, you are eligible to be featured (I will check with you before referencing you or your content to ensure privacy concerns are met).

If I feature you, I will let you know, and you are free to get back to me with any self-promotion you desire, which I will include either in the video or in the description.

I have over 2,000 friends currently, so it is impossible for me (since this is only currently a part-time-no-pay job) to adequately cover all that ground, so if you really think you have something worthy of being featured, message me or post it on my wall (try to keep it clean please…or at least clean-ish-watch previous episodes to get an idea for my tastes).

In addition to the promotion you get for being willing to be featured, there will also be a leaderboard keeping track of the most frequent posters. Since the audience may grow (we’ll see), it wouldn’t be fair for people just starting out to try to keep up with those who have been posting for weeks and weeks. Therefore, the leaderboard will reset at the end of each month, giving us one winner for the month.

1) Only posts from the preceding week will be considered.

2) Only posts that are NEW to me THAT WEEK will be considered (IE, stuff I’ve never seen before).

What does the winner get?

To curate Found on Facebook for a special monthly episode, in which the winner gets to host the show themselves and provide THEIR own favorite links found on Facebook during that month. They can use this time to shill all they want for themselves or their friends, just make it interesting.

What if the winner doesn’t have fancy editing equipment?

Shoot video of yourself with whatever camera/device you have talking about your favorite links, etc. and then upload to youtube as an unlisted video. Send me the link thru FB along with links of the sites, links, etc. and I will edit if for you.

What if the winner doesn’t have a camera?

Send me the links, and I’ll take a FB photo of you and make a south park style animation of you talking about your favorite links using a very bad vocal impersonation.

Hey, I don’t like that!

This is not the show you’re looking for…Move along.

How is the winner picked?

Competitors receive points in two ways:

1) 5 points for each post submitted that ends up on an episode.

2) 1 point for each unique user-comment that specifies the competitor’s link as their favorite in that episode of Found on Facebook. But, only comments POSTED ON YOUTUBE will count for this.

3) 10 points for being my favorite link/status/etc. of the week.


Because I need interaction to happen on Youtube to help my channel grow.

But I don’t care if your channel grows!

Then, again, This is not the show you’re looking for…Move along.

But I don’t have a youtube channel.

Please get one.

But my friends who will vote for me don’t have a Youtube channel.

Please encourage them to get one.

So, wait, no comments or likes on FB will count in the point tally?

That’s right! This is a Youtube show, and I’m a Youtube girl, or something like that.

Will you show favoritism?

I’m sure I will do so even when I try to fight it. But I promise that I will endeavor to be as fair and evenhanded as is humanly possible (which, if you know any humans, is almost laughable).

I’m not your friend; how can I be featured?

Become my friend: http://tiny.cc/2faf1

What will you do when you reach the maximum FB friend allotment?

That will be an interesting day.

Hey! Wait! I posted a link waaay before the other person  you picked did!

I don’t have a means to crawl through my friends list and compare posting times of links. Some weeks certain links get a ton of play, and I will reference the person whom I SAW FIRST. I know it is not ideal, but for now it will have to do.

Anything else I should know?

Please like The Surfing Violinist on Facebook, share me on reddit, digg, blog, twitter, or with your boss if he happens to be Joss Whedon, Michael Haneke, Amir Khan, Anthony Bourdain, Captain Picard or Freddie W.


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